Steeped in fifteen years of musical collaboration beneath the Colorado Rocky Mountains, blind Brian Collins and sighted Sean Waters mix indie folk and alternative rock with their 600+ song classic rock repertoire to create a show (and an original sound) that is unlike any other regional act on the Front Range. Inspired by classic pop rock, Collins’ keyboards, synth-bass, and beatbox, and Waters guitars, and beatbox set off versatile vocal harmonies, anthemic originals, and crowd-pleasing covers. Playing over 130 interactive shows each year to adoring audiences, The Seers have played weddings and private engagements in Rocky Mountain National Park and the Coors Field VIP lounge in Colorado, the Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain in Arizona, the SXSW Music Festival in Texas.


The live acoustic Seers provide an intimate, family-friendly magic where fun indie folk originals complement a 600+ song request list. Collins uses his training at the Fort Collins Piano bar to interact with, surprise and delight audiences by taking real-time requests (and sometimes composing spontaneous, hilarious audience-prompted originals) from diverse genres: outlaw country, oldies, classic rock, contemporary rock, hip-hop, blues, soul, and folk. By tailoring setlists and sound production to each event/room/audience, managers, owners, event planners, and talent buyers give the live acoustic Seers rave reviews: “Perfect for intimate events, smaller rooms, and restaurants.”


Coming in the Summer of 2016, the live electric seers provide a Black Keys / Broken Bells inspired electro-pop-blues-rock set for bigger venues and festivals. Capitalizing on live-looping technology and anthemic hooks, the live electric seers feature Brian Collins’ live drumming and Waters’ electric guitar wizardry to create a "full band" sound with only two people.


Since their inception in 2009, The Seers have worked hard to happily forge a grassroots, semi-professional career as musicians. When they are not performing, they’re in the studio: their newest release, the Signals EP, released worldwide on March 25th, 2016, builds on Cellophane Eyes (2014), and The Seers (2013), which are all available on CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon.

The Seers are the perfect band for any event that cherishes the power of music, singing, harmony, and joy. Click Here to check out the full song list and hear some samples.



Sean Waters has been playing music since middle school, originally the French horn, but after inheriting a 1967 Gibson Hollowbody electric guitar (an ES-345), he put down the horn and picked up the guitar in more earnest at age 15. He is a native of Fort Collins, CO and met his bandmate, Brian Collins, 13 years ago. They've een playing music in Fort Collins together ever since.


He took a break from college to play music, and during 2001-2003, before and during the first year of the band, Wasabi (also including Brian Collins), he rehearsed up to six hours a night in Brian's basement, held down a 9-5 job, and played gigs late into the night. These years of solid dedication to his craft fuel the intuitive and organic essence of The Seers and the commuincation level between Sean and Brian both on stage and off.


Sean holds a B.A. and two M.A. degrees from Colorado State University. After graduating with an BA in philosophy in 2006, Sean taught as a Graduate student, earning an M.A. in Philosophy in 2008. Sean now works as a full-time composition and humanities instructor for the Department of English at CSU, and recently earned an MA in English Education (May 2014).


Sean and Brian formed their duo and began performing and recording their signature sound together in 2009. When Sean is not teaching and gigging, he works in the Seers' recording studio as engineer and co-producer, completing several lo-fi Seers recordings between 2009-2013.


From Sean:

"I really want to bring joy and good times to people. Music is a great healer and soother.   It's great to be able to sing great classic songs that everyone knows - songs that make people feel good. We still  love the creative process of writing, recording, and performing originals, but we enjoy ourselves the most when the crowd gets into it and sings along -- and that's only really possible performing classic songs that people know by heart. There's so much great music out there -- we feel like we're getting schooled playing requests every show we perform."



A native of Fort Collins, CO, Brian Collins has been an avid and audacious musician since the age of six. Blind from birth, Brian learned music from his parents: his father taught him to play the drums and keyboard and he was encouraged to pursue music. He eventually learned, in order, piano, drums, tuba, trumpet, bass, guitar, and synthesizers.


Following graduation from Poudre High School in 1998, Brian was enrolled in a music program at UNC-Greeley, but found the demands of memorizing sheet music in order to "sight read" weren't helping him develop as a musician.  Refocusing on listening to and studying classic rock and roll, Brian transferred to CSU and recently graduated with a B.A. in Social Work (May 2013).


As a semi-professional musician, Brian has toured with the band Wasabi, and completed training at the Fort Collins Piano Bar.  He holds down monthly three hour sets at steakhouses and wine bars, and writes prolifically. Brian has written and produced several recordings with Sean Waters under the Seers' moniker, with their most recent release being the 2014 album Cellophane Eyes.


Brian has become somewhat famous with Fort Collins locals for jogging up and down Mountain Avenue. Despite being blind, Brian boldly treks down the street with only a cane in his hand to guide him. This audacity is shown in his style as a performer and a songwriter.  Brian is also an avid swimmer.


From Brian:

"I'm really excited about our new album we're doing at Stout Studios. It's called  Cellophane Eyes, coming out Summer 2014. Celophane Eyes points toward an exciting future for the Seers --I've been working hard this winter writing and crafting songs, and this album really reveals that process. I keep on writing better and better hooks and I'm researching getting our original music out there in more creative ways."

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NEW EP "Signals" available NOW

The SIGNALS EP showcases the Seers blend of Indie Folk, Alternative Rock and Pop that draws from their diverse 600+ song repertoire. Conceptually and lyrically, ‘Signals’ is about following signs and “listening for visions” beyond our normal perception.  Songwriter Brian Collins, who has been blind from birth, treats production process as a vehicle for exploring other modes of perception. The various soundscapes and explorations collected on Signals have been brought to life with drumming by Tyler Lindgren, Engineering by Darren Radach at Stout Studios, Mixing by Danny Kalb (whose credits include Beck, Ben Harper, and Foster the People) and mastering by Airshow Mastering in Boulder.


Track 1, “Hard Road” (3:44) is an anthem to overcoming adversity. Inspired by Tom Petty, REM, and Stone Temple Pilots, “Hard Road” Features Collins’ mellow baritone vocals with atmospheric keyboards and vintage-sounding layered electric guitar leads. Track 2, “Got Me” (3:00) has an intimate Indie Folk and Pop feel with an up-tempo mellow sweetness, bass line, and synth drums inspired by Sugar Ray and Beck. Track 3, “Just Relax” (4:27), a progressive retro-rock throwback featuring vintage Wurlitzer and electric guitar rhythm, showcases Collins' tenor lead vocal and vocal harmonies inspired by The Beatles, Traffic, and The Guess Who.  Track 4, “Exposed” (2:45) is a Lo-fi, Acoustic, Indie Folk stomp-heavy crowd pleaser with acoustic guitar driven with organ swells, vocal harmonies and electric rhythm guitar counterpart inspired by the Rolling Stones and Dr. Dog.  Track 5: “Woman” (3:29) is the most blues-leaning song on  the EP, inspired by Dan Auerbach and Eric Clapton, and closing with an inspired electric guitar jam.


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