The Seers, an experimental folk-rock duo from Fort Collins, CO, have transformed their shared passion for great songs into a walking, talking, modern-day jukebox of musical versatility. With a “stunning repertoire” of over 700 covers and 100 originals spanning from alternative rock to Americana country, the Seers deliver sing-along performances that bring people closer together.


As a duo, three-piece, four-piece, and five-piece band, Seers perform at regional festivals (SXSW 2015 Colorado Music Showcase), weddings (in Idaho, Utah, Wyoming and Colorado), private events, restaurants, bars, breweries, memorials, markets, and more. With over fifteen years of collaboration, it easy to see why they're in high regional demand: they love to play.


As prolific songwriters and aspiring recording artists, Collins and Waters have been recording and releasing albums as The Seers since 2010. Their first was an underground, stream-of-consciousness EP titled “Universal Tree.” Two eclectic rock albums followed: “The Seers” (2013) and “Cellophane Eyes” (2014). In 2016, in collaboration with Danny Kalb (Beck, Ben Harper, and Foster the People), The Seers released the indie folk EP “Signals” to critical acclaim. Their fourth release, the full-length “Better Days” is out May 13th, 2017.

The Seers are the perfect band for any event that cherishes the power of music, singing, harmony, and joy. Click Here to check out the full song list and hear some samples.



Writer, guitarist, and vocalist Sean Waters inherited a 1967 Gibson Electric Guitar (an ES-345) when he was fifteen, just one year after buying a cheap pawn-shop starter. A year later, Sara Collins, Brian’s little sister, saw Sean play some Sublime and Van Morrison covers at a High School after-prom party. Sara convinced Sean to come play with Brian Collins, who at the time, was holed up in his childhood mountain home, hungry for musical expression.


Sean and Brian’s first jam, in 2000, set off a years-long practice of making music.  Sean was a much younger musician, still developing his ears, and Collins – who had been playing and developing his perfect pitch since he was six – gladly took a role as a musical mentor that pushed his talents and repertoire.


After one year of college in Bozeman, Montana, Sean came back to Fort Collins to work a desk job and play music six to eight hours a night with Brian and the other musicians he knew in town.  Those early sessions with Collins became the regionally successful six-piece Jam Rock band Wasabi. When Wasabi disbanded in 2009, Brian and Sean considered calling their new duo project “The Seers” to play on Brian’s extra-sensory psychedelic visions and dreams.


Sean’s mom, upon learning that Sean was considering calling his new band ‘the Seers’ was blown away: she had had a pre-natal dream where she was instructed to name her son ‘Sears’, but decided against it.  She chose ‘Sean’ instead, the closest socially-acceptable name.


In 2002, Sean got tired of the desk job. Seeking better work that supported the music, he completed a B.A. and M.A. in Philosophy at Colorado State University in 2006 and 2008, and then another M.A. in English Education from Colorado State University in 2014. Working as a composition and philosophy instructor nine months out of the year, Sean dedicates his time to his music and his art. He’s on Instagram and Tumblr as @theseers.





Writer, vocalist, pianist, and multi-instrumentalist Brian Collins has seen the world through music since he was six. Blind from birth, Brian’s father taught him drums and keyboard at an early age. He then learned tuba, trumpet, bass, guitar, and synthesizers. He now writes music as he swims, working out complex arrangements that he’ll later perform on drums, piano and guitar.


In 1999, Brian was studying music at UNC-Greeley, but “sight-reading” classical music required too many hours of monotonously memorizing sheet music. Deciding to re-focus on his own progressive rock music, Brian began building a career as a musical performer and writer.


Working odd jobs, Brian transferred back CSU and eventually earned a B.A. in Social Work in 2013 – the same time he was training at a Fort Collins Piano bar and beginning to see a way to sustain himself through performing music with the Seers and as a solo pianist / vocalist.


Brian has since worked professionally as a musician, and is excited to share his newest songs in creative new ways.


When he's not doing the business of writing, performing and networking for the Seers, spends his free time swimming, writing, and taking care of his family and friends.

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NEW single "miss you still" available NOW

"A haunting and beautiful ode to living memory.... honest, lush vocals.... vintage alternative rock .... homegrown in Fort Collins, Colorado."



I miss you in the morning

cup of coffee, a fleeting thought

And I know if I keep my eyes open,

It's easy to turn it off


But I miss you still as I always will


I miss you every season

lonely feeling, the medicine tastes

On the vine, over 30 years old now,

I’ve got to do whatever it takes


But I miss you still as I always will

Yes I miss you still as I always will


Don't fade out, don't fade out friend

It plays out until it ends


I miss you every season,

Like an echo of feelings past

But I know that I'm going to make it

If I'd only let the moment pass


But I miss you still as I always will

But I miss you still as I always will


released March 21, 2017

Written by Brian Collins.

Produced and Performed by Brian Collins and Sean Waters

with Drumming by Tyler Lindgren.

Engineered by Darren Raddach @ Stout Studios, Fort Collins.


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